Rapidly learn how to Set-up a New Business & craft the Perfect Client Attraction Journey.
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The WAP - 30 Day Access



Full access to our 13 Personal Finance Bootcamp videos

Binge-watch these videos to quickly whip up your finances, debt and savings-pots to shape!


Animated biz tuition videos drip-fed everyday for 30 days

These action points will hand-hold you through setting up your first part time online based business!


The New Biz Idea-Mapping Planner

This will help you formulate your idea with crystal clear clarity and to also convey this to your target market.


A physical copy of the ‘7 Figure Client Attraction Journey Blueprint

This will be mailed directly to your doorstep and will show you exactly what to set up to attract your favoured prospects to your business on autopilot.


The New Biz Idiot-Check Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will allow you to input basic numbers like your product sale price, costs and marketing budget to quickly show if you’re going to make a profit or not.


2 FREE Tickets to the ‘Setting Up A Business Whilst Working A Job’ 1 day Workshop

This is a pure baptism-of-fire of information! You can hold us to that!

Also join hundreds of other like-minded new biz-owners being guided by the WAP in the private FB group.

“Fantastic resource and incredibly powerful!
Highly recommend!”

“Incredible resource, incredible knowledge, incredibly easy to implement in simple to follow step by step actions”

“The WAP fills the gaps that today’s education have left. Understand how the world, business, finance and more works.”

“Siam has an easy way that is so genuine. His only fault being he has to much information to pass on. A truly genuine guy.”

“AWESOME, easy to digest, makes total sense and you can catch up quickly if you miss a day! 5*”

“I wish I had been to something like this before I started my business. It would have saved me a lot of time and screw ups”


The whole WAP programme has over 250 videos, delivered daily during your subscription, that will show you how to:

  • Sort out your personal finances once and for all.
  • Understand money, investing and basic macro-economics so you can finally understand why the rich get richer and the workers get poorer.
  • Get an overview of all 21 Asset classes out there and when they are best to invest in.
  • Come up with a business idea to implement.
  • Set up the biz. Everything from online infrastructure, legal, finance and strategy.
  • Attract and retain clients in order to run and grow your biz.
  • Eventually, sell your biz!
  • Fully understand yourself and adopt a growth mindset to improve every area of your life from relationships to not just setting goals, but actually smashing them out of the park!

But for this 30 Day Trial, the videos you’ll receive will be solely focused on helping you come up with a biz idea and actually getting it going! Momentum is key in the early stages!


The New Biz Planner

This will help you formulate your idea with crystal clear clarity and convert your ‘features’ into ‘benefits’ so your prospect knows exactly why they need it and what they’re getting. Fuzzy messages and offers are the biggest barrier to good conversion rates!

The New Biz Idiot-Check

This spreadsheet will allow you to input basic numbers like your product sale price and costs etc to quickly show if you’re going to make a loss or not. If you get some good results using pessimistic numbers on this spreadsheet, then great! Continue with the idea! This spreadsheet will save you a lot of time and £thousands!

The Private WAP Facebook Community

The thing that will let you level up and start making some money is actually taking action and completing the steps in the WAP. That’s why this support community of other like-minded & inspired people is crucial. Also the ability to get all your questions answered helps momentum!

A simple Learning Portal accessible across all devices.

These daily WAP videos are animated, engaging and always end with Key Learning Nuggets of that video and 1 Single Action Point for you to implement. This way you can keep learning and making tiny bits of progress day in, day out whilst being able to ask any question on that video page. There is no such thing as a silly question!

Your 2 Golden Tickets to the

‘Setting Up A Business Whilst Working A Job’ 1 Day workshop!

This is basically a quick start workshop to help you formulate your potential biz idea and set it up! Each ticket is worth £49, so you’re getting £98 worth of tickets for free! We hold these periodically and is a must attend event.

There’s absolutely no heavy hard-selling ‘run to the back of the room to buy a £10k course for £2k!’ BS you normally see at events these days!
This is a pure baptism of fire of information! You can hold us to that!

All this for just £7 and backed by a full 30 Day Happiness refund. You have zero risk. What are you waiting for?! 🙂

The WAP - 30 Day Access

What’s the catch?

You’re probably thinking:Wait a minute, this seems too good to be true…what’s the catch?! What’s in it for you?!

Hi, Siam here. (The WAP Founder)

This trial is indeed crazy value for money, so you’d be quite right to question this.

You see, in an ever-changing world, we believe reputation is our most prized asset. So we will do whatever it takes to maintain our stellar reputation as we aim to be around in the business sector for 50+ years. As well as this, the WAP has a deep-rooted belief that Assets = Value & Value = Trust + Money.

So what we are doing here is a simple calculated business trade:

1️⃣ Assets = Value. We create Assets in the form of all the amazing things in this offer. These Assets will hopefully be valuable to you.

2️⃣ Value = Trust + Money. IF these assets are valuable to you, it will hopefully create Trust for the WAP brand and with that Trust, you will hopefully see that there is more value in becoming a Wapper (a WAP member that pays £27 per month). If you become a full Wapper, we get money of course.

3️⃣ Why does the WAP want money? Simple. We are currently building a school of the future for my 2 toddlers. I just fear that existing schools are nurturing our kids to become redundant in a world of automation over the next 20 years. We are close to launching but building a school from scratch is expensive. It’s costing me at least £6m and will cost about £40k per month to run it. So I am combining my own personal money + a massive percentage of the WAP’s profits into funding this.

Hopefully this explains why we are doing what we are doing. We genuinely love it when our Wappers create and grow their first business and see their successes. And we just can’t wait to open this school. We’ve had lots of amazing feedback so far, and seen well over 20 new businesses being set up in the last few months alone! It’s truly amazing!

NOTE: This is actually your first lesson in business. Assets = Value & Value = Trust + Money. Also you need to create a really compelling offer to turn a Prospect into a Lead. Once you have a Lead, then you have to do your darn best to ensure that you continue delivering Value so that your Leads ascend into being a Client. Then you continually strive to do the best you can for your Clients to help them reach their desired goals. If you can do all of that, you will then create an amazing brand over a 5-20 year period. Virgin, Apple and Tesla are great examples of this. Their clients are mostly fanatical about the products they use.

Right, lesson over. That’s my Business Trade laid bare. Now it’s time that you make a calculated trade. You need to invest and risk £7 in order to get 7 figures worth of content and experience. And if you’re not happy, you get your £7 back. What are you waiting for? 🤑