It’s time to jettison those myths you’re holding onto…

Here at the Wealth Action Plan, us ‘Wappers’ are a community of positive go-getters that ‘Do Life Differently’ and we have 5 key beliefs called the Framework Of Life (FOL). In this FOL, we believe and aspire:

1.) To live the life you’ve always wanted without limits or worries.

2.) To have limitless time, options and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want with whoever you want.

3.) To inspire and help your loved ones and the people around you for the better.

4.) To help or create a meaningful positive difference to the environment and mankind as a whole.

5.) To have no regrets, EVER!

To the outsider, this may appear all fine and fancy; but we’re also realists and we know that you can’t just dream and wish success into existence. Money is attracted to value. You have to actually go out there, up-level knowledge and become more valuable yourself or create something of value to others.

“The universe doesn’t give a $h1t about what you wish for.”

Essentially, in plain simple English, this FOL boils down to:

* Earn enough passive income so that you can hit your financial independence target. Then do whatever the hell you want to do. Then help others, help the planet and live without regret. Boom! *

So the point of this article is to illustrate to you that IF you also agree with this way of living and aspire to attain it, then pretty much everything your Parents, Schools, Elders and Advisors have ever told you is most likely incorrect, invalid or outdated advice from the 1950s. The stark reality is that you will never hit those targets by doing well in school, getting a degree and working a job until you’re 70 years old. Some of the most academically qualified people I know are poor. The world is full of smart but poor people and I hate saying that. I really do. But it’s the truth. I’m not the first person to realise this. Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad highlighted this decades ago.

***   It’s because qualifications and a job DOES NOT EQUAL FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. This is the biggest myth that the current education system is propagating, and the universities are laughing all the way to the bank whilst you’re left with 5 figures of debt and a below average salary.   ***

The ever-decreasing value of a degree is due to degree inflation because so many people have one. I’m an employer who’s constantly interviewing & hiring people and I really don’t give a hoot about what degree someone has. The internal questions I need satisfying in an interview are:


  • Do I like them?
  • Can they do the job?
  • Are they a job hopper?
  • Are they likely to stay with me for at least 3 years?
  • Will they integrate with the team?
  • Do they have an awesome ‘can-do’ attitude and won’t huff and puff every time they get a task?
  • Do they also believe in the company vision and mission?
  • Will they be allergic to the office cat and dog?
  • Do they also love Elon Musk!?

For example, I once interviewed 15 people for an admin job and I ended up giving it to a guy with no qualifications who was a groundskeeper. He was an excellent hire. But to round off this point, here is an interesting list of the average salary you’ll earn 5 years after doing the top 20 degrees. It’s really sad. I personally feel that Doctors, Teachers and Scientists should earn rock-star salaries. They are the most important professions in my opinion, especially Teachers and Nurses, and they’re incredibly over-worked and under-paid.

  • Medicine and dentistry £47,300
  • Economics £37,900
  • Veterinary science £34,900
  • Mathematical sciences £33,100
  • Engineering and technology £32,600
  • Nursing £28,500
  • Computer science £27,800
  • Languages (including English studies) £27,400
  • Physical sciences £27,100
  • Business and administration studies £26,800
  • Historical & philosophical studies £25,400
  • Law £25,200
  • Biological studies £24,500
  • Social sciences (excluding economics) £24,500
  • English studies £24,000
  • Education £23,700
  • Mass communication and documentation £22,800
  • Psychology £22,600
  • Agriculture and related £20,500
  • Creative arts and design £20,200

Okay, so far we’ve established that a job, degree or qualifications won’t get you to Financial Independence within a time efficient manner (5-10 years, so you can then spend the rest of your life thoroughly enjoying everything Earth has to offer). But here is the 2nd biggest lie you’ve been fed and hoodwinked into believing.

***   Putting your money in conventional assets (Stocks, Bonds, Property, Funds) is the fastest way to Financial Independence.   ***

Errr, nope. Not quite!

The vast majority of people that invest in Stocks and Bonds don’t actually end up making any money. It’s because most people are ‘Dabblers’ and if you ever dabble on the markets, I guarantee that the market will chew you up and spit you out. It’s like a soft cuddly looking cat, but if you rub its belly, prepare for some scratching! Also 90% of Fund Managers don’t even beat the S&P500! Only those that specialise and dedicate their lives to honing their craft in this sector succeed. Even then, some of those pros will lose. Hell, I lost £100k in the first 4 years of Trading and it took until Year 6 to get profitable.

Again, contrary to popular belief, most people don’t actually prosper by investing in houses. There are vast swathes of the population who are still in massive negative equity back from 2009. But this is largely ignored and overshadowed by the stories of people whose home increased from say £200k to £400k over the last 10 years. We all know one of those people. And despite how an extra £200k in this example may seem fantastic, look at the ROI! That’s only 100% ROI over 10 years; which is only 10% per year which isn’t that spectacular.

Especially when you account for real inflation, the currency supply has increased at least 500% and commodity prices (which affects the stuff you buy every day) have more than doubled in that time frame. What you will find is that the people who do make money in property are not Landlord Wannabes. They are seasoned property specialists running a Property BUSINESS.

Another unrealistic, yet popular thing making its way round the internet these days by finance gurus is that “you need to use compounding interest to your favour, invest for the long term and in 40 years, your savings will have turned into the millionsDon’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan and utiliser of compounding interest, but not when it’s dressed up this way. One should use compounding interest as one of many different arrows in your quiver.

You shouldn’t use compounding interest & time as your only 2 weapons to amass wealth!

It’s just a stupidly inefficient method, because in 40 years’ time you will be too old to fully enjoy your fortune and you will have suffered a life of compromise and mediocrity to get there. You’ll have also nicely lined your Fund Manager’s pockets during that time as well! I’ll say it again, it won’t take more than 10 years to hit your financial targets if you follow the right map…

And that’s exactly what the WAP is here for.

It’s simply a map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. And hopefully you’ll soon see that there are 2 monetary phases of your life:

  1. The Aggressive Wealth Accumulation Phase.
  2. The Capital Preservation Phase.

It’s in that order and the idea is simple…

If you want to live the life the FOL lays out, you need money to do that. In order to get the required money, you need to do it in a relatively time efficient manner. Then when you have the required money, you then enter the Capital Preservation Phase so you can then continue living your desired life and more importantly, protect your monetary wealth from loss and erosion.

– – – > It’s in that order and if you skip the first phase and just do the Capital Preservation phase, you’ll stay poor. < – – –

The traditional options of a job and traditional investments simply do not work. Financial advisors across the world (despite good intentions) are unknowingly directing and feeding people into the Capital Preservation Phase and thereby condemning them to hitting their goals in 40+ years!

If you ever PARK your capital anywhere and it makes under 10% per year, you are losing out so much from Opportunity Cost! Why are so many people short of Money? It’s because everyone, including very smart people, keep on falling for this crab trap! Even if you feel clever by having an investment that spits out 10% per year net net; whoop-de-frickin-do, on £10k, by the end of 10 years your £10k has only risen to just under £26k!

That’s an abysmal use of your capital *in my humble opinion*

THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE NEVER GAIN ANY REAL WEALTH. And to cement people into (developed-world) poverty, you have celebrities and trusted brand names like Tony Robbins and Hedge Fund managers promoting the same rubbish of ‘save save save and plough money into your pension scheme’. That advice is condemning the masses.

I’m genuinely surprised why so few people question this narrative and look at the actual stats. I have and what I see is barking mad. Much like how we haven’t changed our schooling system in over 200 years! Hopefully you get this by now…

And your age is also totally irrelevant. If you’re not financially independent and you’re in your 60s, you’re still in your Aggressive Wealth Accumulation phase. You have loads of life still in you. Many household brands were built by Founders in their 60s and 70s. So, if this you, you need to hustle now because by the time you’re 80-90, you won’t be able to work and better darn hope you have enough set aside to pay for your care/outgoings.

Relying on your kids to look after you is just plain selfish. My controversial opinion here is that you will have failed your kids if you become a financial burden to them in your later years. I saw this first hand when my Dad had to pay £5000 per month for 18 years for his mum’s nursing home. My Dad busted his gut to cover those bills, he definitely couldn’t afford it and it materially diminished his life as a result of always having such high overheads.

So you need to do the actions and investments in the Aggressive Wealth Accumulation Phase in order to attain your monetary targets. The wonderful part of this is that the necessary actions required is nothing original, it’s what almost every millionaire has done in history whether they know it or not.

—> And that’s by putting 90% of your energy, focus, savings and time in CASHFLOWING ASSETS that spit out over 25% ROI per year. And 10% into high yielding CAPITAL APPRECIATING ASSETS. <—

Put it this way, if you grew £10k by 25% per year, by the end of Year 10 your pot would be just over £93k…(over 400% better than the previous example) you simply cannot do this with conventional investments/wisdom…

But here’s a spoiler for you, of all assets on the planet, the only asset class I keep landing back on which is cashflowing and can pay over 25-50% per year is the asset of Business. When you get the hang of this skill, your life will change immeasurably. Put it this way, when I was 25 I was flat broke, suffering from insufferable debt and struggling to decide whether to buy cheese or mayonnaise because I couldn’t afford both.

As I write this in 2018, I’m now 32 years old, have the best wife ever, 2 beautiful babies, we’re living in a £1.4m 5000sq ft 9 bed en-suite mansion, have 2 Teslas outside, a bunch of businesses, we’re cherishing many shared experiences every week and we’re living the life I thought I’d reach in my 50s. This is all down to growing your capital through businesses and then dramatically amplifying that with proper investing.

And I’m a distinctly average bloke from Norwich with 2 D’s for my A-Levels! The bearable downside to jumping head first into business is that my friend base is dramatically diminished and I’ve got a few grey hairs because I’ve been a biz obsessed hermit for the last few years. But the people still around me are ace!

So if you do embark into the world of business, don’t kid yourself. Over a 10-year period you will end up spinning your wheels going nowhere and worrying about cashflow, taxes and payroll for the first 3 years, but the next 7 years are simply astonishing. It’s the journey of a lifetime. If I went back in time…I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


Therefore, you need to draw a line in the sand and set out to achieve Financial Independence within a 10-year time frame. MAX. But first you need to know a few things:

1.) What is your IDEAL LIFESTYLE MONTHLY TAKE-HOME figure? After surveying thousands of people, the range tends to be between £5k-30k per month with most people nestled around the £10k per month level. The importance of knowing this number is so that you can mentally establish what sort of Boat you need to be. If your target is the other side of the lake (£5k/m), you only need to be a Sail boat for instance. But if your target is the other side of the Atlantic (£30k/m), you’re going to need a bigger boat!

2.) When do you want to achieve this by? This is a bit of a null question because we all want things now. But in reality, whatever your target, it’s going to be a 5-10 year journey with 70% of it spinning your wheels in the mud, failing and going in circles.

3.) How do I become the necessary boat to hit my target? There we go, that’s the killer question. My answer is Business and Investing. This is what the WAP is for. After giving you a sound base knowledge of Money, Economics and Investing, we then hurl you into setting up your first part time online based business! We find that one of the simplest biz models to kick off with are:

  • Low price point
  • Online subscription based
  • High volume
  • High margin
  • No-brainer value for the client

You’ll have a mix of really low priced to premium priced products but let’s assume your Average Customer Value (ACV) is £120 per year (£10 per month on Direct Debit). Well, assuming you want to take home £10k/m, a 50% margin biz turning over £250k per year biz is then all you need. So that’s just 2083 people paying £10/m. Done! When you account for client churn, let’s double that to 4166, and if you want to nail this over a 5-year time frame, all you need to do is get 70 customers a month. Done. It really is simple once you get the hang of online marketing as well.

So, time to call it an end to this rant/manifesto. At the very least I hope this has prodded a few thoughts and beliefs within you to start questioning everything. If it has helped, that’s fantastic! The best messages I get every week are from random strangers or students who email me out of the blue saying how much I’ve helped. So if this does kick you into action, please let me know how it all goes when you feel you’ve got there!

Ultimately, HAPPINESS is the key to life I guess. I’m well aware that Business and Investing isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally cool. Seriously, if you’re someone who’s happy and you’re taking home £500 per month, you’ve already won the game of life. You’re far wealthier than a grumpy sod taking home £50k per month. But from experience, I’ve been poor and rich and things are just better when you have money. I used to have this silly phrase with my friends that I’d much rather cry in my Aston than my Astra! Cheesy but it’s true. Zig Ziglar said it best:

Money isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen!

I see so many people getting hurt with start-ups and get random messages for help all the time. So I wanted to do something.
This is why I created the Wealth Action Plan.

The WAP is simply a map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

In 2018, I got a blank piece of paper and mapped out every single thing a person would need to learn in order to:

  • Sort out their personal finances once and for all.
  • Understand Money, Investing and basic macro-economics so one could finally understand how the world really works!
  • A practical brief on all 21 Asset classes out there and when they are best to invest in.
  • How to come up with a business idea to implement.
  • How to set up the biz. Everything from online infrastructure, legal, finance and strategy.
  • How to attract and retain clients in order to run and grow your biz.
  • Eventually, how to sell your biz!
  • In parallel to all this, how to fully understand yourself and adopt a growth mindset to improve every area of your life from relationships to not just setting goals, but actually smashing them out of the park!

Upon mapping out this ‘WAP MAP’ I then got to work and, in a few months, wrote over 400 000 words (that’s 9 books worth of words) to explain everything. Literally everything. To the point that if I died tomorrow, I’ve already put in my Will that my 2 baby boys are to do the full WAP when they’re older. Not just once, but several times. Much like how many Billionaires read the same set of books every year to continually sharpen their mental axe. Years of blood, sweat, tears, stress and passion wouldn’t then be wasted.

We then chopped up the words into 5-10 minute animated videos making the content easy to digest whilst still bristling with learning points, including action points for each video!

After all, success is the continual accumulation of consistent focus and effort aligned to a Goal, which is target with a deadline!

Simply watching the videos isn’t enough. Great if you want to do ‘shelf-development’ rather than self-development. The thing that will grow the quality and level of life for you and your loved ones is by actioning the learning points in the WAP.

That’s why we’ve created a private FB Group for all the lovely ‘Wappers’ out there. This way you will have a support community around you of other like-minded inspired people that are striving to OWN their lives in order to live instead of existing from payday to payday.

So all I can say is to join the WAP and prepare to change your life. Let us be your Business/Investing/Money Sherpa. For just £30 per month, it’s a simply ridiculous bargain for the hundreds of thousands of Pounds worth of experience and knowledge. This is just the cost of a couple cups of overpriced coffee per week, or £0.98 per day!

And if you can’t justify £30 per month to up-level your mind, yet you can justify a gym membership and Netflix and all the other subscriptions in your life, then frankly, we can’t help you. Your priorities need addressing before you embark on setting up a business!

But if you are a ‘go-getter’ and you’re ready to open up and discover a whole new part of your life and this may all feel daunting, GREAT! The journey you’re about to start is truly fantastic, and despite all the massive cock ups I’ve made, the amount of times I’ve been screwed over and all the fails I’ve had… I’d do it all over again! The wins far exceed the losses!

Remember, the first mini goal is to simply set up an asset that spits out an extra £300 per month! That’s a nice little bump in income, but that’s the hard bit! But going from £300 to £3000 per month really is the easy bit.

Hopefully see you in the FB group soon my friend!

Founder of www.TheWap.org