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Nailing Life 2024

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These are the EXACT steps to set up your biz in the correct order!

The EntrepreneurSHIPS… what boat are you?
Need some inspiration? This module will help.
It’s important to know what ‘type’ of biz to set up or avoid…

The biz idea is actually worthless. Execution is everything!

Probably the single most effective skill to learn to generate leads.
The first thing your potential customers will do is search for your business online. Have something professional to show them!

Learn how to write perfect copy to attract more customers.

We will show you how to get clients, and more importantly, how to keep them!

Marketing your business is vital if you want to succeed. We will show you the best practices to maximise your ROI.

Changing the way you THINK is way more important than you can imagine.


Action and Implementation trumps everything else!

Implementing quick and easy life-changing actions.

Understanding what Game you’re actually in is the first step.

EVERYTHING you NEED to know about Money!

Divis, ODLAs and CT

We take you through the basics of Investing.

Now we share some more advanced investing knowledge.

A presentation by the amazing Alex Emmerson, aka ‘The Love Coach’.

Learn what you need to know about Property.

Trading isn’t for everyone, find out if it’s for you!

Learn the basics of investing in Cryptocurrencies.

The live recording of our Nailing Life seminar.
A Third Industrial Revolution is coming, this is what you need to know.
The world is about to have a Tech explosion. Learn how to get in front of this new wave.
Everything you need to know about cultivating an awesome team!
Live chats covering some important aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions.

The key drivers of the world, the big incoming shifts and what a small business owner should do.