What’s The WAP?

In general, people have a gym membership for their fitness, a Netflix subscription for their entertainment, a supermarket subscription for their groceries and a train card for their commuting, but what about their future self? What are they doing about increasing their income, investing & business knowledge? In most cases, it’s nothing.

So in a nutshell, The WAP is simply an online gym membership for your mind, money, investing and business skills and also a cool community of like-minded go-getters! Wouldn’t you like to discover your personal map of getting from where you are now to where you want to be?

Every day you’ll get a 5-10 minute animated video teaching you everything about Money, Personal Finances, Financial Mindset, Investing, Property and more importantly, how to set up a part-time online based business on top of what you do already.

An extra £300 per month income would make a big difference for most families. Especially if you have kids! Typically you’d have to wait years for a pay-rise of that amount. So this is your 1st business target! Sounds daunting right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you… 😘

Do Your Future Self A Favour…

This is obviously a weird thing to understand without seeing it for yourself. So just click one of the buttons to sign up for free and watch the first bunch of videos which shows the story of how a guy called Ben gets screwed over by his Boss and enters a downwards spiral of self-pity. 😭 He then fortuitously meets a successful lady who helps guide him out of his money problems. Yay!

Just sit back and join Ben on his whirlwind journey in discovering: 
💥 How he can become more ‘valuable in the market place’. 
💥 Why wishing to the universe for good things to happen is a waste of time! 
💥 Why we always overestimate what we can do in 1 year but massively under-estimate what we can do in 5 years. 

💥 The answers Ben finds to the Why, What, Where, When and How of setting up his own part time online business. 
💥 Why the 40 000 hour rule is crucial to him succeeding! 💣 
💥 How the fable of a magic goose is key for him becoming a profitable Investor. 
💥 Why wishing to be a millionaire is not a good target to aim for and how Ben can calculate a better target to aim for. 
💥 The 4 main sectors of business and why Ben needs to avoid one sector at all costs! 
💥 The relatively unknown but super successful online business model that is key for quicker and better success which doesn’t require thousands of Pounds in setting up! 
💥 And finally, why Ben needs to focus on a business that helps deliver value to either Millennials or Baby Boomers!

Let’s cut through the BS…

The Internet is awash with fake business gurus, pretenders and crafty marketers. This whole self-help industry is getting tarnished by the hard-selling stage speakers getting people to run to the back of the room at ‘free seminars’ to buy over-priced ‘limited availability‘ Get Rich Quick courses ranging from £1k to £25k! Well there’s none of that here at the WAP!

Below is an abbreviated (but brutally honest) conversation we normally get…

Will this WAP thing make me a Millionaire?

Most likely not…

Why not?

Because even if we somehow uploaded all of our content to your brain ‘Matrix stylee’, the key thing that matters is the implementation of the knowledge. That’s the bit we can’t control or predict. That bit is on you…

What exactly is the WAP method or process then?

First you will learn the absolute basics in Money management and Investing.

Then you’ll learn how to set up a part time business on top of your current job. First goal is to go from £0 to £300 per month profit. That’s the hard bit!

Then the easier bit is growing this new biz (which now has proof of concept) up to £2-3k per month profit. This is the easier bit where you can then quit your job!

Ok, sounds good…then what?

Now you’re a full-time stressed out 1-man band biz owner, with reduced social life, not enough hours in the week and an increased number of grey hairs, you can then start scaling the biz!

You’ll also then be improving your services/systems and building a team so it all works without you. Your biz should be bringing in anywhere between £5k-20k per month if all goes well.

Then you can start becoming more of an Investor and using your new cash-flow to divest into other things like Property, other businesses and other assets.

Interesting…you’re not really selling the dream here are you! And how long will all of this take then?

Hmmm, about 5-10 years on average. No, the WAP is simply realistic and dreams are mostly unrealistic fantasies.

But what we do believe in is having crazy goals, breaking them down into key milestones and then by working backwards, putting in quantifiable steps/metrics/actions with deadlines to hit.

That way, if you consistently nail your little daily/weekly goals, you know that your big goal is still on target! Or in other words, (Action + Persistence + Leverage = Dreams) #cheesybizequation

Sorry, is that a typo? 5 – 10 years?!

Yep, 5-10 years. Some do it in 3, some do it in 15, or never! Business and Investing isn’t for everyone, so there will most likely be a large percentage of Wappers that never even get to the first milestone of £300 per month profit. Let alone building systems and teams and selling the biz.

But that’s not a bad thing. A lot of people do the WAP with no intention of setting up a business but simply LOVE learning all the cool content and lessons we have. It’s like a really useful and practical MBA. But without the stupid £30k+ university costs!

Blimey! But I don’t know anything about business or investing and haven’t got a clue about what type of biz or idea to do?!

Great stuff! That’s exactly why we exist! Just sign up, do the daily videos to slowly exercise the old noggin and make friends in the private WAP FB group. It’s the journey of getting into all of this which is the fun bit!

What’s the down-side or risk then?

Good question. A good Investor will always analyse the risk before anything else. When you start implementing a potential biz idea, you’ll be trying to get Proof of Concept. Little tests in the market to see if people actually want to buy your product/service.

What we recommend is getting a stable job so you can do these tests with a nice safety net.

Statistics show that 90% of start ups will fail. So on an unlucky run, you need to be prepared to fail your first 9 ventures before lucky number 10! This is why we recommend spending no more than £500 per project.

And even if you’re a slow learner/action taker and do 2 projects per year, over a period of 5 years you will have tested 10 different biz ideas, and be no more than £5k down, but will have found the lucky horse to ride.

Wow! Sounds really risky.

But is it really? That lucky horse is definitely worth spending the time, money and focus in finding! And you may find it after your 5th attempt. Even a small business will enable you to make a nice modest income much more than the average wage.

From an investing point of view, the maths is simple. Spend 40+ years in employment where statistically you’re unlikely to earn more than £80k per year. OR…..spend 5-10 mad years in getting into business. The financial reward dwarfs the former. And if it really goes badly, you can always get another job!

Through our lens, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Just do your future self a favour…your grandkids will thank you! #YOLO #NoRegrets

Hmmm, yeah maybe. May see how it goes…how do I get started then and what happens next?

Cool, well it’s probably worth watching the free videos first to get a feel of it all. So:

1.) Click on any of the ‘Start for free’ button on this page to watch the free videos.

2.) If you like what you see, just come back to this site and click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right. It’s only £27 per month (£0.88 per day) and there’s no contract so you can leave at any time!

3.) Make sure to say hello in the private FB group and pop all your questions in there and we and the community will help whenever needed. It’s fab. Hope that helps!

Sweet! Let’s do it this!

Amazing! Legend…


Once you’ve completed the free trial, you can unlock the full experience by joining the community and becoming a ‘Wapper’! 🙂 It’s just £0.88 per day or 2 fancy coffees per week!

Join The WAP Community and access your daily videos…

£27 per month

And unlock your untapped potential and do you future self a favour…

“I’ve just completed Siam’s course and have to say that it was fantastic value, well structured, presented smoothly in a friendly manor and packed with content. Before this course, I had procrastinated for a long time but after this course, I’m confident with getting started on my business immediately!”

Mark Hitchings

“The combination of your knowledge, passion and the fact that you are willing to show that you are flawed and human, is why this course works so well. I can clearly see a plan now, and when I do the things that I now know how to do, I will be well on my way to the life I want. Thanks Siam…”

Michael Holness

“I’ve come away with a clear direction and understanding of what I need to do to get my business idea up and running. It’s a positive, inclusive and motivational course from which you’ll take away plenty of inspiration. ”

Jonathan Lewis

“The course was jam packed with information not only related to business but also self development, psychology and mindset which is helpful in every aspect of life. Siam has a wealth of knowledge which he shares enthusiastically, honestly and in a very down to earth manner. If you want to set up in business, this course will really set you on the right path. Siam has made, and learned from the mistakes so often made in new businesses so that you don’t have to.”

Laura Kemp

“Siam’s course has taught me to strategize my goal-setting in a way that’s going to make it almost impossible to miss; it has given me the tools and information I need to move towards business ownership and financial freedom.  I would highly recommend to anyone considering starting their own business.”

Kate Bunn

“In my view it’s a must for anyone thinking of setting up their own business, there is so much shared during this weekend. Just unbelievably outstanding! Siam giving his best i.e. 200% again! Really genuine, nice, authentic guy who likes helping and motivating people to do their best in life. “

Ramila Patel