The WAP is EVERYTHING your Parents, Teachers, Peers, Boss and Government didn’t teach you, but really should have!

In this EPIC Wealth Action Plan, you will learn;

  • How to find a business idea and launch it!
  • Critical life hacks and habits to instantly deploy for great effect
  • Everything about setting up, running and growing a business
  • Learn new and innovative online marketing skills
  • Learn everything about Marketing Funnels and Lead Generation
  • Properly understanding Wealth Generation
  • How to properly get and use a Growth Mindset
  • The basics of Investing and Macro-economics made simple
  • Everything you need to know about Money
  • The bigger picture about Property!
  • Learn the upcoming 11 Exponential Techs about to explode
  • Understanding massive multi-generational trends so you can position yourself fortuitously

Join The WAP Community to gain access to hundreds of other like-minded new biz-owners being guided by the WAP in the private FB group.

We’re here to guide you through setting up your business.
Think of us as your Wealth Generation & Business Sherpa!

Bonus Tools included in The WAP Membership

The New Biz Planner

This will help you formulate your idea with crystal clear clarity and convert your ‘features’ into ‘benefits’ so your prospect knows exactly why they need it and what they’re getting. Fuzzy messages and offers are the biggest barrier to good conversion rates!

The New Biz Idiot-Check

This spreadsheet will allow you to input basic numbers like your product sale price and costs etc to quickly show if you’re going to make a loss or not. If you get some good results using pessimistic numbers on this spreadsheet, then great! Continue with the idea! This spreadsheet will save you a lot of time and £Thousands!

The Client Attraction Journey Blueprint

Every business needs sales. How do you get sales? You need leads. This is a booklet that we will post out to you which will show you exactly how to set up a system that automatically attracts new leads and converts them into lovely clients on autopilot.

Videos to Guide You Through Setting Up Your New Business

Get access to over 260 videos with valuable learning points and Action Points To Implement. Delivered via a simple Learning Portal accessible across all devices.

An example of one of our WAP videos…

How much does The WAP Membership Cost?

To join The WAP and take your first steps to financial independence, our membership costs just £30 per month in a 12 month contract. You’ll need at least 12 months to gain all the knowledge and access the community support to see real benefits, especially when starting a new business!

If you pay up-front we’ll give you 2 months free (we’re nice like that)!

Monthly Membership




  • Access to 260+ WAP Videos
  • Access to The WAP Private Facebook Group
  • 12 Month Contract

You’re probably thinking:

Wait a minute, this seems too good to be true…what’s the catch?! What’s in it for you?!

Hi, Siam here. (The WAP Founder)

This trial is indeed crazy value for money, so you’d be quite right to question this.

You see, in an ever-changing world, we believe reputation is my most prized asset. So we will do whatever it takes to maintain our stellar reputation as we aim to be around in the business sector for 50+ years. As well as this, the WAP has a deep-rooted belief that Assets = Value & Value = Trust+Money.

So what we are doing here is a simple calculated business trade:

  1. 1
    Assets = Value. We create Assets in the form of all the amazing things in this offer. These Assets will hopefully be valuable to you.
  2. 2
    Value = Trust + Money. IF these assets are valuable to you, it will hopefully create Trust for the WAP brand and with that Trust, you will hopefully see that there is more value in becoming a Wapper (WAP member that pays £30 per month). If you become a full Wapper, we get money of course.
  3. 3
    Why does the WAP want money? Simple. We are currently building a school of the future for my 2 toddlers. I just fear that existing schools are nurturing our kids to become redundant in a world of automation over the next 20 years. We are close to launching but building a school from scratch is expensive. It’s costing me at least £6m and will cost about £40k per month to run it. So I am combining my own personal money + a massive percentage of the WAP’s profits into funding this.

Hopefully this explains why we are doing what we are doing. We genuinely love it when our Wappers create and grow their first business and see their successes. And we just can’t wait to open this school. We even recently asked in our FB who’s set up a business since joining the WAP and the feedback was amazing with 26 comments and most of them were new bizzes!

NOTE: This is actually your first lesson in business. Assets = Value & Value = Trust + Money. Also you need to create a really compelling offer to turn a Prospect into a Lead. Once you have a Lead, then you have to do your darn best to ensure that you continue delivering Value so that your Leads ascend into being a Client. Then you continually strive to do the best you can for your Clients to help them reach their desired goals. If you can do all of that, you will then create an amazing brand over a 5-20 year period. Virgin, Apple and Tesla are great examples of this. Their clients are mostly fanatical about the products they use.

Right, lesson over. That’s my Business Trade laid bare. Now it’s time that you make a calculated trade. You need to invest and risk £0 in order to get 7 figures worth of content and experience. What are you waiting for?

And unlock your untapped potential and do your future self a favour…