The Wealth Action Plan will give you access to all our short, easy to digest animated videos. You will be emailed your log in details to our Wapper portal where you will be able to access your videos. This is just a small list of things you will learn!

Introduction Videos

Free Trial Videos

This course is available in our free 30 day trial. The videos are split into 4 sections, Intro Videos, Business Lessons, Pitfalls and the live WAP Experiment!

Intro Videos

- Time to draw a line in the sand and completely change your future
- 8 Simple Steps To Attain Financial Independence!
- The Demographic Spending Wave
- The Business Sweet Spot
- Choosing The Best Biz Model For You
- Some Biz Models To Avoid
- More Reasons To Avoid These Models
- Why You Should Ignore The Hype of These Models
- This Is What You Should Focus On
- The New Biz Planner and Idiot Check Planner
- Now Let’s Focus On The Idea
- The Idea Execution Folly!
- In Our Opinion, The Best Model
- Part 1 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Up…
- Part 2 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Your Own Part Time Business Without Quitting Your Job…Yet
- Two great biz sectors to focus on…
- How To Join The WAP Family & Properly Leap Frog Up Your Personal Net Worth…

Random Business Nuggets

- Rowing across the Atlantic solo and the importance of being a person of value | How the story of a house mum can really wake you up and change your mindset…
- The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Done in Business!
- Thoughts on The Richest Man in Babylon | A timeless and helpful book!
- The Painful Journey | Siam’s early days in biz…
- Why a friend with exactly the same knowledge ended up poor… | Why implementing is everything! And ignore your Habit Stack at your peril.
- The inside view of an MLM. | Most MLMs are scams. Few are good. And barely anyone ever makes decent money from them.
- Lessons from some of my old failed projects. | Please learn from my mistakes.
- Why a luxury cat hotel surprised me. | A random niche that is high in demand in some areas.
- Portfolio biz or Owner/Manager biz? | Don’t make the same mistake I did!
- Business Mistakes VLOG
- How To Make Your Kids Better Investors & More Successful In Life!
- My Rant on Get Rich Quick Schemes!
- Why I don’t trust TAI LOPEZ…
- What If I Had To Start All Over Again
- The Compounding Interest Lie!


- WAP Pitfall 1
- WAP Pitfall 2
- WAP Pitfall 3
- WAP Pitfall 4
- WAP Pitfall 5

LIVE WAP EXPERIMENT: Setting Up A New Biz Using Everything The WAP Teaches... #TheWAPworks!!!

- WAP Experiment Part 1 – Time to put my money where my mouth is…
- WAP Experiment Part 2 – Selecting the biz idea with my set criteria…
- WAP Experiment Part 3 – Going through the Idea and the Strategic Number stage for My Fairy Penpal…
- WAP Experiment Part 4 – Costing it all up…
- WAP Experiment Part 5 – The Biz Architecture…
- WAP Experiment Part 6 – The Biz Planner…
- WAP Experiment Part 7 – The Back-end!
- WAP Experiment Part 8 – The Lead Generation Stage…
- WAP Experiment Part 9 – More Lead Gen lessons from this MFP mini-launch…
- WAP Experiment Part 10 – Time to convert those leads!
- WAP Experiment Part 11 – Competitor research…
- WAP Experiment Part 12 – Some stats from the ads campaign…
- WAP Experiment Part 13 – Going through the costs once the dust has settled…
- WAP Experiment Part 14 – Further update on the marketing metrics and results…
- WAP Experiment Part 15 – MFP FB ad campaign walkthrough…
- The Kidd Creed – Giving my kids a positive mental scaffolding to grow upon…

The WAP Biz Set Up Checklist!

Videos in this course are:

- The WAP Checklist – Page 1
- The WAP Checklist – Page 2
- The WAP Checklist – Page 3
- The WAP Checklist – Page 4
- The WAP Checklist – Page 5
- The WAP Checklist – Page 6
- The WAP Checklist – Page 7

The Entrepreneurships

Videos in this course are:

- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 1 | Which boat are you?
- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 2 | What you should do with your money according to which boat you are…
- The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 3 | Identifying the 2 most important financial numbers in your life
- What type of boat are you? What type of boat is unlikely to get to their destination? | Are you a Boat or a Ship?
- Really Finding Your WHY? | Your Ship’s Mission…
- The Only 3 Ways To Become Rich in a Time Efficient Manner | Your Ship’s Map…
- Discovering Your Critical A & B Numbers | Your Ship’s Destination…
- Morals, Ethics and Mentors | Your Ship’s Compass
- Ensuring you have the correct method of propulsion to get to your Destination + Why getting a crew is paramount in getting your ship to the destination | Your - Ship’s Sail/Engine and your Ship’s Crew…
- Speaking the language that’s congruent to your Ship | Your Ship’s Language…
- Identifying that real wealth (Health, Happiness, Family, Time) will keep you going | Your Ship’s Supplies…
- Time to Step Up! | Your Ship’s Captain…
- The Different Types of Wealth Builder | Be the Captain for the Boat you’re aiming for

Recordings of Live Wealth Generation Social Chats / Ask Me Anything Sessions

Siam has a live session most weekdays and these are added to this course so you're able to watch all of his live sessions whenever suits you best!

Biz Ideas

Videos in this course are:

- Crazy biz ideas. | And why you should normally ignore them and maintain your path to your B Number
- Print on demand clothing? | A simple side hustle to cut your teeth on…
- 2 Crazy Biz ideas | This is more to probe the creative part of your business mind
- Examples of successful micro-niche bizzes. | As the Yanks say, ‘There are riches in niches’
- Example of an info product to implement. | Info products can sometimes be the easiest and most profitable ventures to set up. No stock, money up front, high margin etc etc
- How To Know When To Abandon An Idea
- Doing the numbers on a potential biz idea
- Still Stuck For Ideas?

Business Models

Videos in this course are:

- The SISSEN Model | Understanding the different stages of your new biz…
- The 4 Main Biz Sectors | And why you should always avoid the Misery Sector!
- 11 Potential Biz Models | Some to avoid and some to focus on…
- What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 1. | Why setting up a J curve biz will hurt you…
- What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 2. | Avoid Inventions and don’t get sucked up into the Amazon fad
- The Podcasting/Blog/YouTuber Myth | Why it takes YEARS to monetise one of these businesses!
- What type of biz to do first. | It’s all about immediate positive cash flow ASAP!
- Low price, high margin, high volume, subscription based. | The best model to sell for for 10-20 times profit
- Exploring 4 simple biz models to launch quickly. | And why a family friend is going about this the wrong way

Executing your Business Idea

Videos in this course are:

- My new biz pre-requisites. | These are mine, but you need to create your own so you keep on track
- New biz feasibility checks! Part 1. | Absolutely crucial you go through these steps before doing anything!
- New biz feasibility checks. Part 2. | Please heed these checks
- The new biz planner. | A simple spreadsheet to help clarify your product market fit
- Why you need to AVOID being a Sole Trader! | You will save so much tax by being a LTD instead
- Your Online Presence | An in-congruent online presence is an insidious way to lose sales
- Business Card Key Tips | Don’t commit the mortal sins of Biz Cards!
- Phones, Emails and Print Tips | You don’t need fancy stationary. Just nail the basics of your biz answering phone call and emails promptly by a Human!
- Client Relationship Manager Automation | This is how you can run and scale your business on Autopilot
- Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 1/2 | Do as many of these in PARALLEL not SEQUENTIAL…
- Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 2/2 | Don’t skip these steps!
- How to LAUNCH your new biz! | How you launch your business is critical to your success in Year 1…
- Testing Your Biz Idea!
- Get Paid To Build Your Product
- What You Should Do When Setting Up Your Business
- Consistently Execute The Pure Basics
- Some Simple Tips
- Doing Joint Ventures properly | How to approach partners properly for JVs
- Bulletproofing Your Biz
- My Top 5 Business Books of All Time
- Strategy in Business is Bullshit! Well, long term biz plans anyway…
- When to know to pivot your biz
- The Demographic Cliff and which industries are about to implode or boom! | Demographics rule everything!
- The 7 Stages of Civilisation and why we are at the final stage before a reset. | From the Romans to the Spanish to us now…
- Disproportionate Effects
- Is Your Operating System Defunct?
- Knowledge Springs
- Red Card Drills
- If you need video, use your phone to begin with
- Phone Sabotage
- Struggling with Crazy Money or Biz Problems
- 11 Dilemmas for Business owners
- Is your business idea something that can thrive without an ecosystem?

Facebook Marketing

Videos in this course are:

- Overview of what we’ll cover
- Facebook Business Manager
- Main Campaign Tools
- Setting up Your Target Demographic
- Getting Your Campaign Live
- Monitoring Your Campaigns

Setting Up Your Website and Emails

Videos in this course are:

- Setting Up Your Domain & Web Host
- Creating Your Email Address
- Installing WordPress
- Creating Pages in WordPress
- Customising Your WordPress Website
- Installing WordPress Plugins

Getting Clients

Videos in this course are:

- When you need to build a Sales team. And the difference between Sales people and BDMs
- Becoming the ‘Go-to-Person’ in your niche | An easy way to 10x your income as a one-man band
- Networking!!! | Don’t be a predator!
- How to properly intro yourself – It’s all about the 10, 30 and 120 second intro
- Getting and Keeping Clients | You don’t have to keep all your clients!
- The Cross-Selling Crossword | SO so much potential growth here…

Effective Online and Offline Marketing

Videos in this course are:

- Online Marketing. A crucial skill for business | All businesses need sales. Sales come from leads. Leads come from the Internet…
- Audience, Message, Pond | Screw this up and you’ll really struggle
- The Demographic Spending Wave | How to avoid pending bust sectors whilst positioning yourself for the imminent booms
- People buy what they WANT, not what they NEED | It’s all about taking someone from their undesired present, to their desired future
- Why single product businesses rarely last | And why the WAP’s CPA will shock you…
- Content Commerce and the power of a list | How to congruently leap frog from one niche to the next
- You Will Lose Trust With Dishonest Ads
- Basics of Lumpy Mail | And why I don’t personally use Google Adwords
- Avoid Brand Marketing! | As a nano/micro business you need Direct Response marketing!
- Nurturing Referrals | And the Maths behind Viral Referral campaigns
- The Basic Marketing Machine | It’s all about CPA!
- Basic Product Architecture | This is crucial as it’s very hard to profit from the front end these days
- Basic Funnel Mapping | Brainstorming some biz ideas from the audience
- Video Brochures | A great way to get in front of and wowing your desired decision makers!
- More funnel mapping | More random ideas
- How to test if your product/service will work | And how you can identify prospects that are interested and how to then target them with an ad
- Understanding ‘Pixelling’ | How to secretly stalk those that have landed on your website
- Why you need to write your sales letter before doing anything | And how I do cheap market research for finding the best headlines for things
- Conversion Rate Optimisation
- Don’t Say You Just Need 1% of a Market!
- Creating a Lookalike Audience
- An over-shoulder-look at quickly launching a basic funnel…
- Starting a New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 1
- Starting a New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 2
- Starting a New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 3
- Starting a New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 4
- My Funnel isn’t working! What do I do?
- Working out ROAS and an important lesson when seeing Marketing claims
- Example of testing a New Funnel
- This is most likely why your marketing isn’t working
- Market Research

Developing your mindset

Videos in this course are:

- Upgrading Your Thinking, Learning and Decision Making
- Life Skills vs Skills For Hire | Use your time wisely
- 3 Personal Rules Of Advice | Listen to those that Walk Their Talk
- The power of WHY and why your school properly screwed you over! | This first lesson can be a bit hard to swallow for some…
- The 8 pivotal traits you need to lead a successful life | Without them, you’re forever destined for the 40/40/40 Plan
- Can you handle the cost of success? | Be the Chinese Bamboo Tree!
- The Silly Cycle | And should you wake up earlier?
- Being the CEO isn’t for everyone | Some people are born to be the best team members. If this is you, then build or join a team around you
- Become an Opportunity Sniffing Pig!
- Be a Professional at Everything!
- Work/Life Balance Myth
- Your Life Mission
- Your Bucket Lists
- Your Top 5 Priorities
- Your Life Improvement List
- Why You Need To Study & AVOID What Average People Do…

Taking Action

Videos in this course are:

- Word on Implementation | Procrastinators never prosper…
- Understanding Habits, The Secret To Getting Shit Done… | Habits are the key, not motivation!
- Ducking Fear! | Why failure needs to be your best mate…
- Nobody cares about how good your excuses are! | You are the one that chooses your attitude…
- Getting Shit Done! | Work from your Calendar! NOT a To Do List!
- Business ideas are USELESS | It’s the skills and implementation that gets stuff done
- Knowledge Is Not Power! APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is PROGRESS!
- Accountability Spheres

Life Hacks

Videos in this course are:

- The 10 Life Hacks (1-3) | Grow out of your hole, avoid the number 1 and Personal Accountability…
- The 10 Life Hacks (4-7) | Be different for different results, Escape the comfort zone, Expel self-limiting beliefs and change the questions you ask yourself…
- The 10 Life Hacks (8-9) | Invest in yourself, WAP definitions for gumption, integrity and commitment…
- The 10 Life Hacks (10) | Use the correct weapon for the correct target…
- Bonus Life Hack | Do your future self a favour…

Playing the Game

Videos in this course are:

- The New Financial Parthenon | Habit stacking is important!
- Breaking down the path to your B Number. | Or even a smaller to hitting your A number
- The 5-9 Game | Setting up, running, growing and selling for 5 figures. Then 6. Then 7, 8 and 9
- Biz Bank Accounts & Margins! | Don’t bundle everything into 1 bank account. You’ll end up spending money that isn’t yours!
- Company Finances | You need a bookkeeper, a separate accountant and a meeting with a tax specialist every 18-24 months
- How to manage Biz cashflow
- Biz TAX! | Just don’t mess about when it comes to tax. Be on top of it!
- Surveying For Feedback
- The Anatomy of a Good Testimonial
- How I Structure My Bizzes
- My Big Vision
- Company Doodads
- WAP Future Plans
- Parkinson’s Law | Promise yourself to reallocate windfalls or payrises!
- The Rule of 72. | How to quickly gauge how quickly something will double in price
- Why you NEED to value your losses in TIME. NOT Money. | Never breach the 18 month mark!
- The Law of Diffusion of Innovation. | How to see if a new industry or product will take off or not


Videos in this course are:

- Show me the money! + Soaring away from your peers by understanding the ‘Game’s Language’ | If you don’t understand the language of money, how on Earth do you hope to attract it?
- Changing your relationship with Money | There are way too many creepy people out there stalking Money!
- Becoming a Money Farmer | Breeding Money, putting out in the field to work and breeding more is the way to go
- What, why, when and where did Money come from? | Not many people know this…
- Money vs Currency | No, they’re not the same thing!
- Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold. Part 1 | The Currency in your pockets is not what it seems…
- Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold. Part 2 | Now this is getting interesting…
- Historic World Reserve Currencies, what the hell is an SDR and why it’s important to be aware of this | King Dollar hey? I’m not so sure…
- Understanding Quantitative Easing and the Boom Bust cycle | Governments are like drug addicts when it comes to monetary policy…
- What on Earth is Fractional Reserve Banking? | This is just nuts
- How Money is Created. How this is legal I still don’t know! | Yeah, this took me a while to get my head around to begin with
- Discovering exactly how ferocious Exponential Growth is | The 8th Wonder of the World
- The Currency Supply and it’s declining purchasing power | This is why it’s so important to be savvy about Investing
- The 2 types of Inflation and why the media haven’t got a clue…
- Deflation and why Banks and Governments are scared stiff of it | Debt is nominal, remember this
- What is Hyperinflation and why it’s more common than you think! | This happens when politicians get desperate
- Understanding how severe the Global debt problem is | This is a problem being swept under the carpet
- Debt Ceilings and why Countries around the world are being rather cheeky… | Just call the plumber to fix the root cause…
- Why you should be vigilant to the existence of Bail Ins! | Don’t let the Cyprus wealth grab happen to you
- The Unemployment and Savings Myth | How they calculate it and deceive us
- Basic History of Taxes | Understanding a little bit about tax can go a long way
- The Future of Money | Enter the new kid on the block – Cryptocurrencies
- Why the Global Financial System is the BIGGEST Ponzi Scheme & Why Everyone is oblivious to it…
- Properly Understanding This Crash – The BIGGER Macro-economic Picture!
- Who Do We Owe All This Debt To?!

Investing – The Basics

Videos in this course are:

- Money: Learn How To Get It, Keep It and Breed It! | You need to become obsessed with these 3 simple steps
- The importance of the 10% rule and why SAVING money is a terrible thing to do… | Forecasting your timeline to retirement
- The Power of Compounding Interest of Money AND Time. | This needs to be your secret weapon
- Your Financial Parthenon | Creating a solid financial roof above you
- The Fallacy of a Pension | Better to start your DIY Pension Pot
- Different Types of Income | Most people do the worst kind
- Assets Can Turn Into Liabilities Rather Quickly | You need to remain vigilant once you have your assets
- People of Different Financial IQs have very different Assets and Liabilities | And also a big handy list of liabilities to avoid
- Understanding the Fees of an Investment. | This is normally a biggie
- The 11 Reasons Why You Can Do Better Than A Fund Manager | 90% of Fund Managers don’t even beat the Stock Market!
- Recording of Live Trading/Investing Coaching Call – 04 Dec 20 (Worth Watching)!

Investing – Advanced

Videos in this course are:

- Wealth Cycle Investing | This is another secret of the old and rich families out there
- How a family has remained Billionaires for over 900 years. | It’s so so simple…
- The Standard Bubble Wave and how it can help forecast which industries are about to pop or drop | This is a beautiful roadmap of potential future investments
- Capital Growth vs Capital Preservation Seesaw | With limited time and money, what should you focus on?
- Cashflowing vs Capital Appreciating Assets | Don’t kill the frickin Magic Goose!
- Risk Capital vs Risk Cashflow | There is a difference…
- Diversification Is For Idiots | Controversial I know…
- Good Debt vs Bad Debt | Not all debts are equal
- How to buy toys the correct way. | Spending your grandkids…
- The Typical Investor Emotional Bell Curve Rollercoaster. | Understand this to protect yourself from following the crowd!
- Why Opportunity Cost is EVERYTHING! | This is the biggest thing to learn in this section
- My Odd Pension Move
- What a Black Swan is, why it will pop the markets soon. | It’s the unknown unknowns that always get us.
- Gary Vee & Passive Income
- Your Rainy Day Fund
- Should I trust this broker
- Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver – 2020 Update
- Guide to Investing in Cryptos in 2020 and Beyond!

Q&As / Interviews / Guest Speakers

Videos in this course are:

- Quick Q&A 1 | Questions from biz social life to chasing debt
- Quick Q&A 2 | Mapping out a quick marketing funnel for someone
- Lara Morgan (The Most Formidable Woman I Know) Interview – Part 1
- Lara Morgan Interview – Part 2
- Lara Morgan Interview – Part 3
- Lara Morgan Interview – Part 4
- Would You Answer These 9 Questions for £5???
- Sonya Wiley – From Tea-Lady to Business Legend
- Audience Key Takeaways
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Belief Systems and Your RAS
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Rewiring Your Subconscious
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Certainty
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Uncertainty
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Significance
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Love
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – Growth and Contribution
- The Amazing Alex Emmerson (AKA The Love Coach) – 6 Needs Recap
- The Smiling Entrepreneur Interview – Siam shares a lot of very revealing business insights, past failures and his life philosophy… (Worth Watching)!

Basics of Property

Videos in this course are:

- Why most people haven’t got a clue about property despite thinking that they do
- Understanding the basics of Interest Rates | This is crucial knowledge as an Investor…
- Why the House Price To Earnings Ratio is WAY out of whack!
- If you’re a landlord, you NEEEEEED to know all about Clause 24!
- How to acquire your forever home much quicker and for at least 50% cheaper | - Yes, you heard that correctly
- Why I’m Incredibly Bearish on House Prices…
- Live Property Investing Debate: The Good, The Bad & The Oblivious!

Trading The Markets SAFELY!

Videos in this course are:

- The Typical Trading Journey
- The Why, What, Where & How?!
- The Who…WHO is Trading Suitable for?
- What’s Next…?

Crypto Investing Course

Videos in this course are:

- Free Crypto Basics: BBC Interview – What Are Cryptocurrencies?
- Free Crypto Basics: Hello & Welcome + The 5 Ms of Basic Crypto Investing
- Free Crypto Basics: Different Exchange Types and the Flow of Movement
- Free Crypto Basics: Opening your account with 1 or 3 of the main Fiat Exchanges
- Free Crypto Basics: Understanding the different type of wallets…
- Free Crypto Basics: Creating your Bitcoin Paper wallet
- Free Crypto Basics: Creating your Ether Paper Wallet
- Free Crypto Basics: CREATING a MyEtherWallet Offline
- Free Crypto Basics: SENDING My Ether Wallet transactions Offline
- Free Crypto Basics: The Difference between Money & Currency
- Free Crypto Basics: Why Cryptos are NOT money!
- Free Crypto Basics: What is a Blockchain & why does it matter?
- Free Crypto Basics: What is a Crypto and Bitcoin?
- Free Crypto Basics: What is Mining? It’s pointless in my opinion…
- Free Crypto Basics: What is Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
- Free Crypto Basics: What’s A Hard Fork?
- Free Crypto Basics: What the hell is a Smart Contract and the big buzz about Ethereum
- Free Crypto Basics: The 3 Phases of a New Disruptive Tech
- Free Crypto Basics: Directed Acyclic Graphs are the Future of DLTs…not Blockchain
- Free Crypto Basics: The Standard Bubble Wave
- Free Crypto Basics: My personal take on the 5 best ‘Use Cases’ for Cryptos
- Free Crypto Basics: Why I think we are on the precipice of monumental capital inflows
- Free Crypto Basics: ICOs and why you should steer clear off them…
- Free Crypto Basics: Tech Bubble 1 vs Tech Bubble 2
- Free Crypto Basics: Re cap of how to transfer GBP/ EUR/ USD to your Fiat/Crypto exchange
- Free Crypto Basics: Converting your Fiat into Alts (AKA Buying your cryptos)
- Free Crypto Basics: Pinging your alts between exchanges
- Free Crypto Basics: Depositing and Withdrawing Bitcoin Into and From Your Paper Wallet
- Free Crypto Basics: Depositing and Withdrawing Ethereum Into and From Your Paper Wallet
- Free Crypto Basics: Depositing ERC20 Tokens & a recap about Cold Wallets
- Free Crypto Basics: Some strategies to choose and deploy…
- Free Crypto Basics: Revealing the Top 5 Cryptos To Get In!
- Free Crypto Basics: The BTC / ALT Seesaw & How To Gauge Profits
- Free Crypto Basics: How To Find Which Exchange A Coin Is On
- Free Crypto Basics: Dealing with Crypto Losses
- Free Crypto Basics: Why you need to extinguish your Get Rich Quick urges!
- Free Crypto Basics: A Caution Warning for Crypto Investors When Boom Season Returns…
- Free Crypto Basics: Why I LOVE crashes…
- Free Crypto Basics: Recap of the 3 Opportunities here and how to play them out…
- Free Crypto Basics: The big problem with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple
- Free Crypto Basics: Be Very Cautious About Mining…
- Free Crypto Basics: Answering Some of Your Crypto Questions…
- Free Crypto Basics: HBOS Whistle Blower’s Thoughts on Bitcoin…
- Free Crypto Basics: Why I Never Contribute To Pensions or ICOs
- Free Crypto Basics: This One Maths Equation Will Help You Forecast Cryptos
- Free Crypto Basics: Don’t Beat Yourself Up On Missing Any ‘Unicorn’ Cryptos!
- Free Crypto Basics: Don’t Be A Crypto Weak Hand!
- Free Crypto Basics: Sneak Peek At My New Crypto Book!
- Free Crypto Basics: The Crypto Book – Sneak Peak at my NEW BOOK!
- What Will The World of Cryptos Look Like In 20 Years? – Part 1
- What Will The World of Cryptos Look Like In 20 Years? – Part 2
- What Will The World of Cryptos Look Like In 20 Years? – Part 3
- What Will The World of Cryptos Look Like In 20 Years? – Part 4
- What Will The World of Cryptos Look Like In 20 Years? – Part 5
- This Is A Fake Bitcoin Rally!!! Don’t Get Excited!!! Jan 2020
- A Simple Case For $50k+ Bitcoin & Why I See Another BTC Dip Incoming: Part 1 of 2…
- A Simple Case For $50k+ Bitcoin & Why I See Another BTC Dip Incoming: Part 2 of 2…
- Guide to Investing in Cryptos in 2020 and Beyond!
- Setting Up An Ether Wallet in 2020…the easy way…
- Crypto Update – 04 Jan 21

Nailing Life

Videos in this course are:

- Nailing Life Part 1
- Nailing Life Part 2
- Nailing Life Part 3
- Nailing Life Part 4
- Nailing Life Part 5
- Nailing Life Part 6
- Nailing Life Part 7
- Nailing Life Part 8
- Nailing Life Part 9

The THIRD Industrial Revolution

Videos in this course are:

- The 4th Industrial Revolution According to the World Economic Forum…
- Third Industrial Revolution. Part 1
- Third Industrial Revolution. Part 2
- Third Industrial Revolution. Part 3
- Third Industrial Revolution. Part 4
- Third Industrial Revolution. Part 5


Videos in this course are:

- The 10 Big Technologies Set To Hit Exponential Growth | And what it may mean?
- The Tech Adoption Curve. | Why getting into a new fancy tech may not be wise
- The Technological Revolution Carrot. | Don’t move too early…
- The likely jobs that will be obliterated by technology. | Best pivot sooner rather than later
- What You Need To Know About Solar Tech. | This is the only energy we actually need
- What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence. | There’s good AI and BAD AI!
- What You Need To Know About 3D Printing. | It’s the death of retail as we know it…
- What You Need To Know About Robotics. | The evolution of jobs…
- What You Need To Know About Bio Tech. | The first 200 year old is likely alive right now…
- What You Need To Know About Internet of Things. | Time to upgrade to a Smart House?
- What You Need To Know About Blockchain and Crypto Currencies. | This is the evolution of Money…
- What You Need To Know About Space Travel. | It’s the death of the commercial airline industry
- What You Need To Know About Virtual Reality | The future of immersive learning and living
- What You Need To Know About Drones. | From Soldiers to Paramedics…
- What You Need To Know About Autonomous cars. | This is an automobile revolution
- What You Need To Know about Universal Basic Income. | It’s definitely coming…
- The problem of living in an exponential world on a finite planet. | We never learn…
- The potential of uploading our minds to The Cloud
- How Tech Companies Inflate Valuations


Videos in this course are:

- How we recruit new team members. | It’s a bit different…
- Staff SOPs
- Tips on Recruiting For Your Business!
- Contracts Are Worthless

Mergers and Acquisitions

Videos in this course are:

- Mergers & Acquisitions Social Chat – 12 Feb 21
- Mergers & Acquisitions Social Chat with some M&A mates – 12 Feb 21
- Mergers & Acquisitions Social Chat with some M&A mates – 19 Feb 21
- Mergers & Acquisitions Social Chat with some M&A mates – 26 Feb 21
- Mergers & Acquisitions Social Chat with some M&A mates – 05 Mar 21

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