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1. Time to draw a line in the sand and completely change your future
2. The New Biz Planner and Idiot Check Planner
3. The Demographic Spending Wave
4. The Business Sweet Spot
5. Choosing The Best Biz Model For You...
6. Some Biz Models To Avoid...
7. More Reasons To Avoid These Models
8. Why You Should Ignore the Hype of Podcasting, YouTubing and Writing a Book
9. This Is What You Should Focus On...
10. In Our Opinion, The Best Model...
11. Now Let’s Focus On The Idea...
12. Part 1 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Your Own Part Time Business without quitting your job... yet
13. Part 2 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Your Own Part Time Business without quitting your job... yet



Section One:


14. The SISSEN Model.
15. The Painful Journey
16. The 10 Life Hacks (1-3)
17. The 10 Life Hacks (4-7)
18. The 10 Life Hacks (8-9)
19. The 10 Life Hacks (10)
20. Bonus Life Hack
21. The New Financial Parthenon
22. Nobody cares about how good your excuses are!
23. Can you handle the cost of success?
24. The Different Types of Wealth Builder
25. Why a friend with exactly the same knowledge ended up poor…
26. Getting Shit Done!
27. The Silly Cycle
28. The Demographic Spending Wave
29. The 4 Main Biz Sectors
30. 11 Potential Biz Models
31. What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 1.
32. What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 2.
33. The Podcasting/Blog/YouTuber Myth
34. What type of biz to do first.
35. Low price, high margin, high volume, subscription based.
36. Breaking down the path to your B Number.
37. The 5-9 Game
38. Business ideas are USELESS.
39. Exploring 4 simple biz models to launch quickly.
40. Crazy biz ideas.
41. Examples of successful micro-niche bizzes.
42. The inside view of an MLM.
43. Lessons from some of my old failed projects.
44. People buy what they WANT, not what they NEED.
45. Being the CEO isn't for everyone.
46. Online Marketing. A crucial skill for business.
47. Print on demand clothing?
48. 2 Crazy Biz ideas
49. Why a luxury cat hotel surprised me.
50. Why single product businesses rarely last.
51. Content Commerce and the power of a list.
52. Example of an info product to implement.
53. My new biz pre-requisites.
54. New biz feasibility checks! Part 1.
55. New biz feasibility checks. Part 2.
56. Portfolio biz or Owner/Manager biz?
57. Audience, Message, Pond
58. The new biz planner.
59. Why you need to AVOID being a Sole Trader!
60. Your Online Presence
61. Biz Bank Accounts & Margins!
62. Business Card Key Tips
63. Phones, Emails and Print Tips
64. Company Finances
65. Client Relationship Manager Automation
66. Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 1/2
67. Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 2/2
68. Quick Q&A 1
69. Quick Q&A 2
70. How to LAUNCH your new biz!
71. Testing Your Biz Idea!
72. Get Paid To Build Your Product
73. What You Should Do When Setting Up Your Business
74. You Will Lose Trust With Dishonest Ads
75. Consistently Execute The Pure Basics
76. Some Simple Tips
77. Surveying For Feedback
78. The Anatomy of a Good Testimonial
79. Basics of Lumpy Mail
80. Avoid Brand Marketing!
81. Nurturing Referrals
82. Doing Joint Ventures properly
83. When you need to build a Sales team.
84. Becoming the 'Go-to-Person' in your niche.
85. Networking!!!
86. How to properly intro yourself.
87. Getting and Keeping Clients.
88. The Basic Marketing Machine.
89. Basic Product Architecture
90. Basic Funnel Mapping
91. Video Brochures
92. More funnel mapping
93. How to test if your product/service will work.
94. Understanding 'Pixelling'
95. Why you need to write your sales letter before doing anything.
96. The Cross-Selling Crossword
97. How to manage Biz cashflow.
98. Biz TAX!
99. How we recruit new team members.
100. Business Mistakes VLOG
101. Lara Morgan Interview - Part 1
102. Lara Morgan Interview - Part 2
103. Lara Morgan Interview - Part 3
104. Lara Morgan Interview - Part 4
105. Bulletproofing Your Biz
106. Become an Opportunity Sniffing Pig!
107. Knowledge Is Not Power! APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is PROGRESS!
108. How To Make Your Kids Better Investors & More Successful In Life!
109. My Rant on Get Rich Quick Schemes!
110. Is your business idea something that can thrive without an ecosystem?
111. Would You Answer These 9 Questions for £5???
112. My Top 5 Business Books of All Time
113. Why I don't trust TAI LOPEZ…
114. Be a Professional at Everything!
115. Strategy in Business is Bullshit! Well, long term biz plans anyway…
116. Tips on Recruiting For Your Business!
117. How I Structure My Bizzes
118. Staff SOPs
119. Accountability Spheres
120. Conversion Rate Optimisation
121. Don't Say You Just Need 1% of a Market!
122. How Tech Companies Inflate Valuations
123. Contracts Are Worthless
124. My Big Vision
125. Work/Life Balance Myth
126. Your Life Mission
127. Your Bucket Lists
128. Your Top 5 Priorities
129. Your Life Improvement List
130. Company Doodads
131. WAP Future Plans
132. Wealth Cycle Investing
133. My Odd Pension Move
134. Audience Key Takeaways
135. Creating a Lookalike Audience
136. When to know to pivot your biz

Section Two:


137. The power of WHY and why your school properly screwed you over…
138. Rowing across the Atlantic, solo and the importance of being a person of value.
139. A word on implementation.
140. Understanding Habits, The Secret To Getting Shit Done…
141. Ducking Fear!
142. The EntrepreneurSHIPS - Part 1
143. The EntrepreneurSHIPS - Part 2
144. The EntrepreneurSHIPS - Part 3
145. The 8 pivotal traits you need to lead a successful life.
146. What type of boat are you? What type of boat is unlikely to get to their destination?
147. Really finding your WHY?
148. Discovering your critical A & B numbers.
149. Time to step up!
150. The Only 3 Ways To Become Rich in a Time Efficient Manner.
151. Morals, Ethics and Mentors.
152. Ensuring you have the correct method of propulsion to get to your Destination + Why getting a crew is paramount in getting your ship to the destination.
153. Speaking the language that's congruent to your Ship.
154. Identifying that real wealth (Health, Happiness, Family, Time) will keep you going.

Section Three:


155. Money: Learn How To Get It, Keep It and Breed It!
156. Parkinson's Law.
157. The importance of the 10% rule and why SAVING money is a terrible thing to do…
158. The Rule of 72.
159. The Power of Compounding Interest of Money AND Time.
160. Wealth Cycle Investing
161. How a family has remained Billionaires for over 900 years.
162. The Standard Bubble Wave and how it can help forecast which industries are about to pop or drop.
163. Why you NEED to value your losses in TIME. NOT Money.
164. Your Financial Parthenon
165. Life Skills vs Skills For Hire
166. 3 Personal Rules Of Advice
167. The Fallacy of a Pension
168. Capital Growth vs Capital Preservation Seesaw
169. Cashflowing vs Capital Appreciating Assets
170. Risk Capital vs Risk Cashflow
171. Diversification Is For Idiots
172. The Silliest Thing I've Ever Done in Business!
173. Good Debt vs Bad Debt
174. Different Types of Income
175. How to buy toys the correct way.
176. Assets Can Turn Into Liabilities Rather Quickly
177. People of Different Financial IQs have very different Assets and Liabilities
178. Understanding the Fees of an Investment.
179. The Typical Investor Emotional Bell Curve Rollercoaster.
180. Thoughts on The Richest Man in Babylon
181. The 11 Reasons Why You Can Do Better Than A Fund Manager
182. Why Opportunity Cost is EVERYTHING!

Section Four:

Everything You Need to Know About Money

183. Show me the money! + Soaring away from your peers by understanding the 'Game's Language'.
184. Changing your relationship with Money.
185. Becoming a Money Farmer.
186. What, why, when and where did Money come from?
187. Money vs Currency
188. Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold. Part 1.
189. Currency vs Fiat Currency vs Gold. Part 2.
190. Historic World Reserve Currencies, what the hell is an SDR and why it's important to be aware of this.
191. Understanding Quantitative Easing and the Boom Bust cycle.
192. What on Earth is Fractional Reserve Banking?
193. How Money is Created. How this is legal I still don't know!
194. Discovering exactly how ferocious Exponential Growth is.
195. The Currency Supply and it's declining purchasing power.
196. The 2 types of Inflation and why the media haven't got a clue…
197. Deflation and why Banks and Governments are scared stiff of it.
198. What is Hyperinflation and why it's more common than you think!
199. Understanding how severe the Global debt problem is.
200. Debt Ceilings and why Countries around the world are being rather cheeky…
201. Why you should be vigilant to the existence of Bail Ins!
202. The Unemployment and Savings Myth
203. Basic History of Taxes.
204. The Future of Money.

Section Five:

The Bigger Picture of Property

205. Why most people haven't got a clue about property despite thinking that they do.
Why I am personally renting.
Why property doesn't always go up!
Why land is more important tha Buy-to-Lets.
Why the only reason we have had a property boom is due to exponential currency growth.
Why you will only realise your house equity profit if you sell up and move somewhere cheaper.
Why doubling your wealth every 10 years is pretty average.
Why even though your house may have risen in Sterling, against other currencies like the Dollar, it hasn’t increased that much.
206. Understanding the basics of Interest Rates.
207. Why the House Price To Earnings Ratio is WAY out of whack!
Why now is the best time in the last 300 years to sell.
Why SVR mortgage holders are likely to get screwed!
Double digit rates are a real thing!
Why I believe residential property will crash over the next few years.
Why you need to RENT WHERE YOU LIVE, but own what you rent out.
Why the public always do the wrong thing at the wrong time!
Why property is a terribly expensive and illiquid asset and totally undiversified.
208. If you're a landlord, you NEEEEEED to know all about Clause 24!
Why re-allocating your house deposit into setting up a business is a better way to grow your wealth.
Why you need to do LOTS of aggressive skill acquisitions!
209. How to acquire your forever home much quicker and for at least 50% cheaper.

Section Six:

The Future Of Tech And How To Protect And Profit From It

210. The 10 Big Technologies Set To Hit Exponential Growth
211. The Law of Diffusion of Innovation.
212. The Tech Adoption Curve.
213. The Technological Revolution Carrot.
214. The likely jobs that will be obliterated by technology.
215. What You Need To Know About Solar Tech.
216. What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence.
217. What You Need To Know About 3D Printing.
218. What You Need To Know About Robotics.
219. What You Need To Know About Bio Tech.
220. What You Need To Know About Internet of Things.
221. What You Need To Know About Blockchain and Crypto Currencies.
222. What You Need To Know About Space Travel.
223. What You Need To Know About Virtual Reality
224. What You Need To Know About Drones.
225. What You Need To Know About Autonomous cars.
226. What You Need To Know about Universal Basic Income.
227. The problem of living in an exponential world on a finite planet.
228. The Demographic Cliff and which industries are about to impode or boom!
229. The 7 Stages of Civilisation and why we are at the final stage before a reset.
230. What a Black Swan is, why it will pop the markets soon.

Section Seven:

Extra Biz Set Up Videos

231. An over-shoulder-look at quickly launching a basic funnel…
232. Starting a New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 1
233. Starting A New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 2
234. Starting A New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 3
235. Starting A New Attraction Journey From Scratch. Part 4
236. Third Industrial Revolution. Part 1
237. Third Industrial Revolution. Part 2
238. Third Industrial Revolution. Part 3
239. Third Industrial Revolution. Part 4
240. Third Industrial Revolution. Part 5
241. Why You Need To Study & AVOID What Average People Do…
242. Disproportionate Effects
243. Belief Systems and Your RAS
244. Rewiring Your Subconscious
245. Certainty
246. Uncertainty
247. Significance
248. Love
249. Growth and Contribution
250. 6 Needs Recap
251. What If I Had To Start All Over Again
252. Is Your Operating System Defunct?
253. How To Know When To Abandon An Idea
254. Gary Vee & Passive Income
255. Your Rainy Day Fund
256. Doing The Numbers on a Potential Biz Idea
257. Knowledge Springs
258. My Funnel isn’t working! What do I do?
259. Red Card Drills
260. If you need video, use your phone to begin with.
261. Should I Trust This Broker?
262. Phone Sabotage
263. Market Research
264. Example of testing a New Funnel
265. Struggling with Crazy Money or Biz Problems
266. This is most likely why your marketing isn’t working

LEVEL 3 (Nailing Life Course)

20 Simple Life Hacks To Implement Into Your Life ASAP

Grow out of your hole, don’t shrink into it!
Avoid the Number 1 at all costs.
Study the masses to avoid mediocrity.
Escape your comfort zone.
Expel any and all Self-limiting beliefs.
Change the types and quality of questions you ask yourself.
The Wealth Rubber Band
Understanding the practical definitions of Integrity and Commitment.
The Contribution-Decreasing Saving Pot
The Instant Tax Savings you get the instant you transition from Employed to Self Employed.
Become a 5-10er instead of a 7-12er.
Bulk buy non-perishables at wholesale stores like Makro.
Becoming a book worm.
Master Your Everyday Items!
Cold Showers.
Understanding Your Internal Flower.
Focus On WHAT you’re going to eat. NOT what you’re NOT going to eat.
Media Cleanse!
Placebo & Noceba
Monthly Personal Financial Statement

Proper Goal Smashing And Getting Shit Done

The path to success is not linear.
YOU are the one who choses your attitude, no one else.
Can you handle the real COST of success?
The Reticular Activating System and how to use this ancient part of your brain to uplevel yourself.
How Tony Robbins's 6 Human Needs will help gauge and craft your Mission and Destination.
The 6 Human Needs Wheel Exercise
The Work/Life Balance Myth
Setting out your white boards.
Crafting your Bucket Lists.
What are your Immediate goals?
What are your Daily Minima?
What are your Top 5 Priorities in order to remain balanced?
Creating your Legacy list.
What does your Obituary look like?
Creating your Goal Galaxy.
Creating your Life Cluster.
Creating Your Get Shit Done Board
Creating Your Project Hit List And Notebook/Diary Management
Crunching The Biz Numbers On How To Hit your A & B Numbers
Breakdown of Customer Volume and Pricing.
Parallel Activity is Crucial.
Tracking Activity vs Productivity.
Tracking Energy Levels.
Outsourcing Stuff You Shouldn't Do.
Spend More Time Planning Your New Year And Life
Your Life Wheel.

Types Of Business Models To Choose From

Ideas Are Useless!
The Consultant
The Infomarketer
The Broker
The Franchisor
The Service Provider
The Advertiser
The Affiliate Marketer
The Inventor
The Retailer
The MLMer
Idea Blitz and Main Categories of Biz Models
The Sweet Spot Graph
Can you redirect an existing spend?

Setting Up Your Business

Project vs Biz
Your Company Name, Trading Name and Address.
Registering Your Company and How Many Shares To Issue.
Registering Your URL and creating your email addresses.
Creating Your Website & Landing Pages
Creating an Explainer Video
Online Congruence is crucial.
Setting Up Your Biz Bank Account.
Setting Up Your Merchant Account & Gateways
Business Cards!
Company Stationary
Business Phones and Tracking Numbers
Bookkeeping and Accounting!
Your Customer Relationship Manangement Tool
Mapping Out Your Client Journey.
Content Delivery Platform

Launching Your Biz With a Bang

Understanding Demand & Supply.
The Kickstarter Hack
Getting Paid To Build The Product
The Premature Launch To Establish Proof of Concept.
Harnessing The Power Of The List
Launching via JVs
The Power of PR.

Networking And Social Skills

Don't be a predator.
The 90/10 Rule.
Personal space, bad breath, hogging and butting in.
Network in target rich environments.
Your 10 & 30 second pitch and 3 minute explainer.
How to get at least 365 pitching opportunities per year.
Body positioning.
Types of Networking Groups.
Laser targetting mentors and advisors.
The money is always in the follow up!
How to hook people up with your contacts.
Guest speaking at events is key.

A Bucket Load Of Ways To Attract And Keep Customers

The Difference Between a Customer and a Client.
Old old school, old school and new school.
It's all about multiple touch points via different media.
Copywriting and Copywriting-That-Sells are 2 different beasts!
Improve the sales skills of you and your team.
Overcoming Objections via FAQs.
Referrals and Referral Campaigns.
Email Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing.
Google and FB remarketing.
FB marketing
Google Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Instagram & Snapchat Marketing
Exhibition Marketing
Evergreen webinar series.
3 Part Video Sales series.
Free Dinners or Seminars.
Create Ambassadors from your Client List.
Newspaper Advertorials and ads.
Becoming a leader/expert in your niche
Public Speaking
Writing a Lead Magnet Book
Be interviewed.
Free trials and samples.
Make it EASY to buy from you.
Cross-selling Crossword
Unconverted leads.
What would your Biz look like if it never lost a Client?
The Client Journey Is EVERYTHING!
Random Gifts & Social Events
Underpromising & Overdelivering
Limiting Your Total Amount Of Clients

Biz Finance And Tracking

Why Elon Musk Applies Maths and Physics To Basic Challenges.
Finding your leading activity indicator.
Know EVERYTHING that leaves your Bank Account.
Setting up multiple business bank accounts.
Understanding VAT.
Understanding Corporation Tax.
Understanding PAYE/NI.
Understanding Capital Gains Tax.
The Cashflow Ratio
How to DOUBLE your net profit overnight.
Your Company P&L sheet.
Your Company Balance Sheet.
Understanding Receivables & Payables.
What's the SCALE Ratio?
Why minimising the Turnover to Payroll ratio is critical.
Why Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Distributable Cash is EVERYTHING!
What's a Director's Loan and how many Directors effectively hang themselves with it!
Understanding Basic Insolvency Law and how to know when you're properly bust!
Sorting out your Biz Metrics Dashboard.

Biz and Marketing Funnels

Funnels, Processes, Buckets, Product Pyramid, they're all the same thing.
The Typical Infoproduct Biz Funnel.
The Typical B2B Funnel.
The Typical Retail shop Funnel.
The Typical Consultant Funnel.
The Typical Ecommerce/Dropshipping Funnel.
The Typical Subscription Service Funnel
What's a Self Liquidating Offer?
Re-iterating why a positively-converting-lead-gen Funnel is crucial!

14 Elements Of Building A Superstar Team And Cultivating Future Biz Partners

1.) Attracting Candidates.
2.) Filtering Candidates.
3.) Interviewing Candidates.
4.) Testing Candidates.
5.) Fair contracts.
6.) Onboarding your new recruits.
7.) Training your new recruits.
8.) The Probation Period.
9.) Maintaining Team Morale.
10.) Disciplinaries.
11.) Promotions and Pay.
12.) Mapping out your Team's Careers.
13.) Ascending and Empowering your Team and Key Members.
14.) Becoming a Business Partner with Team Superstars
Creating your Company Hierachy and overlapping spheres of Accountability.
Instilling into your Team the Company Prioritisations in the face of conflict.
The Workforce Global Arbitrage.

Biz Legals

Contracts are often worthless.
JV Dos and Don'ts!
Your legal obligations as a Company Director!
My personal opinion on Business Plans...
Terms & Conditions for your website.
Registering IP.
Companies House requirements
Efficient company structuring.
Understanding Legal Fees!

Refining Your Scam Radar

The MLM Scam
Extortionate Agency Fees
The 4 Ugly Truths of Trading
Advertising slots...
The Typical Cryptocurrency Scam
The JV Scam

The Key Elements of JVs

Why Joint Ventures are so darn powerful.
How to identify which JV is best for you.
How to approach potential JV partners.
Mapping out the Win Win scenario with potential JV partners.
The big Do's and Don'ts when getting into bed with a JV partner.
Why you need to be strong, firm and fair whilst crafting the HoT and JV Agreement.

Finishing School

6 Ways to Raise Capital.
Never forget the Chinese Bamboo Tree.
Setting up your Biz For Exit.
Systems systems systems!
Earning Western Money but living elsewhere.
Lifestyle Designing.
Quick Summaries of our Partners.
Quick Summary of the Advanced Special Courses.
What next?



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