Hi, I’m Siam…

I’m just an average bloke from Norwich in the UK and I’m simply a full-time Investor and Business owner. Had many epic fails, some nice wins and overall I’ve done alright I guess. But enough about me. I have a question for you…

What do Maplin, JJB Sports, Toys R Us, Staples, Lehman Brothers Bank, Phones 4 U, Blockbuster, Kodak, Comet, Jamie Oliver Restaurants, Sears, General Motors, Hugo Boss, Yellow Pages, Debenhams, and Thomas Cook all have in common? (These all went bust BEFORE 2020!)

They’ve all gone bust with each leaving a trail of devastation and thousands of lost jobs behind them. Creditors lose and hard-working employees lose. Almost every year some big company or bank goes into liquidation and people gasp in shock horror every single time.

Why is this? Why are people still surprised that huge companies end up toast when this is the norm and it will continue to happen…?

Unfortunately, this all stems back to your childhood and your parents and great great grandparents childhood. Pretty much everyone you know (most likely including you) has been raised in a culture where it’s absolutely pivotal to follow a certain procedure in life:


Do well in school to get good grades.


Use your good grades to get into University to get a good degree.


Use your good degree to get a good job or career.


Use your career to set yourself up for retirement at 65.

Sounds like a solid plan right? Well, in the 1950s it did! In the 21st Century, statistically, this is a simply ludicrous life plan to follow. Modern culture and peoples’ life habits have changed so much over the last 20 years that the old plan just doesn’t work anymore!

In general:

So what happens in reality is that you end up doing averagely ok at school, you get grades you couldn’t really care for to end up at uni doing a degree you really don’t want to do, you end up in a job completely irrelevant to your degree, you’re now £50k in student debt and are still clueless of what you actually want to do in life in this big fast paced world where social media makes you feel grossly inadequate 24/7. Am I close?

Even worse is that hordes of people who are unhappy in their current job think the grass may be greener in another profession. So they spend thousands of hard earned savings trying to get another qualification to get a better/different job. If they’re lucky, they get the job, but within 5 years they end back in the same quagmire. Why is this?! I know people that have done that routine every 5-10 years for the entirety of their lives and at the age of 60 they still don’t know what to do!

Here’s the punchline…

Qualifications and jobs DO NOT EQUAL FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE or fulfilment (in most cases).

This is the biggest myth that the current education system is propagating, and the universities are laughing all the way to the bank whilst you’re left with 5 figures of debt and a below average salary.

The ever-decreasing value of a degree is due to ‘degree inflation’ because so many people have one. I’m an employer who’s constantly interviewing & hiring people and I really don’t give a hoot about what degree someone has. The internal questions I need satisfying in an interview are:

For example, I once interviewed 15 people for an admin job and I ended up giving it to a guy with no qualifications who was a groundskeeper. He was an excellent hire. But to round off this point, here is an interesting list of the average salary you’ll earn 5 years after doing the top 20 degrees. It’s really sad. I personally feel that Doctors, Teachers and Scientists should earn rock-star salaries. Not footballers! They are the most important professions in my opinion, especially Teachers and Nurses, and they’re incredibly over-worked and under-paid.
Okay, so far we’ve established that a job, degree or qualifications won’t get you to Financial Independence within a time efficient manner…or ever.
I got 2 Ds for my A-levels! #qualifications do not equal more income!
What are you supposed to do then?!

Another unrealistic, yet popular thing making its way round the internet these days by finance gurus is that “…you need to use compounding interest to your favour, invest for the long term and in 40 years, your savings will have turned into the millions“. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan and utiliser of compounding interest, but not when it’s dressed up this way. One should use compounding interest as one of many different arrows in your quiver.

You shouldn’t use compounding interest & time as your only 2 weapons to amass wealth!

It’s just a stupidly inefficient method, because in 40 years’ time you will be too old to fully enjoy your fortune and you will have suffered a life of compromise and mediocrity to get there. You’ll have also nicely lined your Fund Manager’s pockets during that time as well! And this is totally ignoring real inflation and any dramatic market movements like the global crashes of 1987, 1992, 2001 and 2008. Trust me, there’s more of that imminently inbound!

Again, we’re back to square 1 here. What is one supposed to do then?!

The quick answer, is to just jump onto the FREE 30 Day Trial of the WAP. It’s basically a ‘Netflix’ for Business, Money, Investing, Life & Being Awesome!

But going back to the point…

This may sound a little crazy and a tad risky, but humour me for a few more minutes; but have you ever thought of becoming a Business Owner?

Now before we go any further, let’s take a quick breather here. You’ve no doubt had a tsunami of pre-conceptions about the notion of going into business for yourself. Some of them may be unconsciously misinformed perhaps? Either way, (getting my big tar brush out here), most people now fit into one of 3 groups.

Group 1 – The Victims
Group 1 – The Victims I mean no offense to anyone by the way. Just trying to get a big generic point across here. Give me enough time and I’ll no doubt offend everyone! But the little sub-conscious naysaying-chimp in the minds of those in Group 1 will immediately be confronted with a wall of thoughts sounding something like this:

I don’t actually blame you if you have a few of those thoughts. I had most of them myself a decade ago before I got into biz. But at the end of the day, these are just plain old excuses. Simple as that. You’re just not hungry enough and/or you don’t have any threatening external stimuli (illness/redundancy etc) to prod you into making that leap of faith. As mentioned, your naysaying inner chimp is genuinely trying to protect you and steer you away from danger. And you’ve grown to trust and listen to that chimp.

However by doing so, unless you consciously observe, check and rectify this mental program, it’s also going to perpetually push you away from greatness and a life you can’t even dream of living. For years I couldn’t even imagine earning a 5 figure monthly take home income. But now my basic living costs are 5 figures per month! I could write an essay for each of those points, but now’s not the time. Oh, one second, there’s one comment there that really gets my goat, the happiness one!

YOU 100% CAN BE WEALTHY AND HAPPY! Money and happiness are NOT mutually exclusive! I’ve been on the bread line and miserable and I’ve been wealthy and miserable. Trust me, the level of miserable-ness is orders of magnitude worse when you have Money problems heavily compounding your dilemma/issues! Zig Ziglar said it best, “Money ain’t everything, but its right up there with oxygen!” But moving on…

Group 2 – The Wantrapreneurs

Again, I mean no offence, (I’ve still got my tar brush out here), but these people are like groupies stalking their favourite celebrity. Hell, I can’t talk; if Elon came within 1000 square miles of my location I’d drop what I was doing and make a beeline to him!

We’ve all seen or know of the typical Wantrapreneur. They already know that going into business is the only way to properly make any real money in this world. But they’re not exactly approaching it in an effective manner. They go to all the seminars, they buy all the workshops, they learn every known tactic in every niche, they have read all the ‘Top Selling’ biz books out there, they hang onto every word of the normal Wantrapreneur celebs out there like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins etc. Some may even go uber-spiritual and pray to the universe for a million pounds every morning.

This is all great! It really is, learning new things is exactly what we all need. I used to be a Wantrapreneur myself in the first few years of trying to get into business. I did every free hard-selling-run-to-the-back-of-the-room-seminar there was and spent thousands of borrowed-money on biz workshops and Masterminds etc. I properly fell for all of this rubbish.

First of all, the universe doesn’t give a $h1t hoot about what you wish for! It really doesn’t. We are all just cosmic apes floating around on a watery spec of dust in a totally average star system in an average galaxy. We humans aren’t anything that special and the Universe is most certainly not listening out for your morning wishes! Action gets stuff done! In the same vein, knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power!

In a nutshell, most Wantrapreneurs will never succeed in business. They get off on the idea of being ‘an Entrepreneur’ but in most cases, they will still be a Wantrapreneur 5-10 years from now. I personally know dozens and dozens of people I used to know in these circles who are still chasing fad after fad. One day they’re doing an MLM, next month they’re doing Drop-shipping, then they’re doing a Podcast! The key attribute for those that actually do break out of this endless cycle are those that actually knuckle down and focus on one thing! One simple biz idea or one niche. And they find one simple client attraction method that works and they then scale it. They scale it via implementing systems and employing staff to execute those systems. Again, now is not the time to go into depth about Group 2. We must move on…

Group 3: The Open-Minders

Being open-minded is always a good thing to be. Having the ability to objectively take in new data, (even if it’s opposing an existing belief system), analyse it and deduce some form of outcome, answer or action is crucial for success in all walks of life!

Being a space geek, an ex RAF Pilot and science fan, I’m 100% certain that the Earth is an oblate spheroid. I’ve literally seen the curvature of the Earth with my own eyes. Even still, I forced myself to sit through 3 hours’ worth of the ‘best’ Flat Earth documentaries just so I could see things from their perspective and their arguments. Suffice to say, I still know that the Earth is spherical.

I know this is a bit of an extreme example, but for a lot of people, the very thought of going into business for themselves is as outlandish as Flat Earth theory is for me.

After knowing a lot of business owners and have interviewed hundreds of good and bad ones, I’ve seen a common trait. The cool thing about the Group 3 Open-Minders is that they have the splendid ability to observe a new thing/fact/perspective. They’ll then critically question and prod this new thing for stats and answers. Then they’ll come to an informed conclusion.

And guess what? When you come to an informed conclusion on the subject of getting into business for yourself, the answer should be YES.

?Yes, I do actually need to take control of my life and finances.

?Yes, having 1 single income stream is a precarious position to be in.

?Yes, most millionaires and billionaires out there got rich from business.

?Yes, most business owners that employ over 20 staff are millionaires.

?Yes, most businesses fail within the first 5 years, but those that survive 10 years are wildly profitable.

?Yes, relying on anyone other than yourself for your income is unwise.

?Yes, tech is disrupting every industry and having a job in any company is not safe anymore.

?Yes, the potential reward of business far outweighs all the risks of not setting up a business.

?Yes, even if you set up 9 failing start ups, but your 10th> venture was successful, you’d most likely end up earning far more than a job could pay.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the gist. When you think about it, all existing biz owners were originally group 3 Open-Minders to begin with.

But here’s the cool kicker to all of this. It’s actually healthy to embrace all 3 of these groups within yourself in parallel!

OK, you’ve somewhat got me interested in business. Now what?!

This is as spiritual as I get, but I strongly believe that if you get into business with just the sole intention of making more money, you’ll fail. I’ve just seen this far too many times to count. Chasing money for the sake of money alone will breed poor habits and poor decisions down the line which may result in a life of continually chasing that carrot.

You have to understand that real wealth is actually Time, Health and Happiness. Money is simply a stepping stone to get you most of that. Money just gives you more options and time to spend with your loved ones and live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

So as cheesy as this is all sounding, you need to develop your principles and your WHY first. It will make business way easier.

This is why I created The Wealth Action Plan…
Here at the WAP, us ‘Wappers’ are a community of positive go-getters that ‘Do Life Differently’ and we have 5 key beliefs called the Framework Of Life (FOL). In this FOL, we believe and aspire:

1.) To live the life you’ve always wanted without limits or worries.

2.) To have limitless time, options and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want with whoever you want.

3.) To inspire and help your loved ones and the people around you for the better.

4.) To help or create a meaningful positive difference to the environment and mankind as a whole.

5.) To have no regrets, EVER!

To the outsider, this may appear all fine and fancy; but we’re also realists and we know that you can’t just dream and wish success into existence. Money is attracted to value. You have to actually go out there, up-level your knowledge and become more valuable yourself or create something of value to others.

Essentially, in plain simple English, this Framework of Life boils down to:

* Earn enough passive income so that you can hit your financial independence target. Then do whatever the hell you want to do. Then help others, help the planet and live without regret. Boom! *

I see so many people getting hurt with start-ups and get random messages for help all the time. So I wanted to do something. This is why I created the Wealth Action Plan.

The WAP is simply a map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

In 2018, I got a blank piece of paper and mapped out every single thing a person would need to learn in order to eventually quit their job, prosper in business and set themselves up financially for life. Here is a small sample of the things we cover:

In parallel to all this, how to fully understand yourself and adopt a growth mindset to improve every area of your life from relationships to not just setting goals, but actually smashing them out of the park!

Upon mapping out this ‘WAP MAP’ I then got to work and, in a few months, wrote over 400 000 words (that’s 9 books worth of words) to explain everything. Literally everything. To the point that if I died tomorrow, I’ve already put in my Will that my 2 baby boys are to do the full WAP when they’re older. Not just once, but several times. I really don’t want all of my trials, tribulations and experience to go wasted. There’s millions of pounds of learning points here that I want my kids to have. Years of blood, sweat, tears, stress and passion wouldn’t then be wasted.

We then chopped up the words into 5-10 minute animated videos making the content easy to digest whilst still bristling with learning points, including action points for each video!

After all, success is the continual accumulation of consistent focus and effort aligned to a Goal, which is target with a deadline!

Simply watching the videos isn’t enough. Great if you want to do ‘shelf-development’ rather than self-development. The thing that will grow the quality and level of life for you and your loved ones is by actioning the learning points in the WAP.

That’s why we’ve created a private FB Group for all the lovely ‘Wappers’ out there. This way you will have a support community around you of other like-minded inspired people that are striving to OWN their lives in order to live instead of existing from payday to payday.

So all I can say is to join the WAP and prepare to change your life.

Let us be your Business/Investing/Money Sherpa. For just £30 per month, it’s a simply ridiculous bargain for the hundreds of thousands of Pounds worth of experience and knowledge. This is just £0.98 per day! A high street coffee costs £2.50+!

And if you can’t justify £30 per month to up-level your mind, yet you can justify a gym membership and Netflix and all the other subscriptions in your life, then frankly, we can’t help you. Your priorities need addressing before you embark on setting up a business!

But if you are a ‘go-getter’ and you’re ready to open up and discover a whole new part of your life and this may all feel daunting, GREAT! The journey you’re about to start is truly fantastic, and despite all the massive c0ck-ups I’ve made, the amount of times I’ve been screwed over and all the fails I’ve had…I’d do it all over again! The wins far exceed the losses!

Remember, the first mini goal is to simply set up an asset that spits out an extra £300 per month! That’s a nice little bump in income, but that’s the hard bit! But going from £300 to £3000 per month really is the easy bit.

After going through all the valuable information and being supported by me any my team in our private group, if you decide that starting your own small business is not for you, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment in full and we can still be friends!

Fair enough?

Succeeding in business is about managing risks and that’s why I want you to be able to join the WAP community today without worrying about getting it wrong. Just jump onto this FREE 30 Day Trial and you will get access to a LOT of information. See how it goes…

Hopefully see you in the Discord community soon my friend!

Founder of TheWap